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Tweet Treats

Posted on 28 March, 2016 at 11:29 Comments comments (228)

We are springing into action! Join us on Twitter  @cleanpawsmobile and get special offer for products and services when you book a mobile grooming appointment with us. Enjoy a variety of Tweet Treats for both new and existing customers!  Offers will change each week.  Please use Tweet Treat Code in the "Notes" section when booking online.   

Full service spa required to redeem the offer.  Good for both dogs and cats.  All pets must be current on vaccines.  Limit one Tweet Treat per pet. Can not be combined with any other offer or specials.  

Off Leash Dog Park

Posted on 24 January, 2014 at 21:05 Comments comments (211)
If you live in the City of Gary, Inidana,finding animal friendly events in our city is quite a challenge, but it is needed!  Socialization for dogs is very important.  It helps them establish a pecking order in their dog community, as well as allows them to meet new dog friends to hang out and be silly with.  No matter how you slice it, you can never change the fact that dogs are pack  animals. They need that group socialization to understand who they are in the pack and to enjoy some silly time with one another.  It also helps to open the door with new pet parent friendships as well. It is such a joy watching the dogs romp and play and wear each other out!  The dogs get to burn off some stored up energy that they have acquired from sleeping all day while we are at work.  Having an Off the Leash dog park/run in the City of Gary would be helpful in many ways.  It would provide a safe and friendly facility for pets to have fun, learn good socialization skills, and provide a training center to correct negative behavior.  Did you know that most of the times when dogs dig holes it is simply because they are bored?  Excessive chewing and/or barking can be a sign of frustration? Negative behaviors in some cases can be corrected with exercise!  It can also be a great place to host pet adoption events, and pet parent to be training classes such as obedience and grooming.

Clean Paws Mobile Grooming and Friends Furrever are teaming up to bring a dog friendly park/run to our city.  We would like to open our committee to other pet lovers in Gary, IN that would like to be a part of our project.  This project will take some time to actually bring to life, which includes selecting the ideal location.  Gary has a large number of responsible dog owners like ourselves that would truly enjoy having a dog park of our own!  If you are interested in running with us, please contact Michelle Robinson at: 312-590-3320. 

The Four Legged Child

Posted on 26 August, 2013 at 21:41 Comments comments (119)
One of the best parts of being mobile for me is seeing how happy the four-legged children  get for their spa day.  It truly warms my heart when I round the corner and I hear the all familiar sound of a hound!  It is like sweet music to my ears!  Even the little ones get into the groove.  Happily dancing upon my arrival and giving sweet kisses when it's time to leave.  Sometimes I feel like Santa Claus!  After all he was the first one to come up with idea of going mobile.   It just took a few clever people to add grooming to the mix. 

People with pets are the best to me.  Especially when their four legged companion is treated like part of the family.  It is always exciting to see a customer's family room that includes a spot for Fido or Fluffy.  That television bonding time means all of the children.  It's comforting to know that I am not the only one that spoils my babies rotten.  Yes, there is nothing better than spoiling a four legged child.  They appreciate and crave the attention like any other child, and they will do almost anything to keep the love coming.   People who love their pets like their kids can never go wrong.  Their love cup will always be overflowing!

Mobile Gift Card Sale Extended

Posted on 17 November, 2012 at 8:44 Comments comments (125)
There is still time to get your Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Gift Card!  The sale has been extended to Saturday November 24th!  Support a local small business this holiday season, and get your gift card while supplies last!

$15.00 OFF Fall Bath-N-Brush Special

Posted on 31 July, 2012 at 14:59 Comments comments (152)
Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salon presents our

Annual Fall Bath-N-Brush Special.

If you have never tried a Mobile Grooming Service before, here is your chance! First time customers will enjoy $15.00 off our Short Flat Coat Bath-N-Brush Spa service*. This service includes:

Our gentle Oatmeal 2 n 1 bath
5 minute Hydro-massage
Ears Cleaned
Nails Trimmed
& brush out

BY APPT ONLY. Limit 10 mile radius. No Drop offs. Must be current on vaccines, NO EXCEPTIONS. Dogs only. NO AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS ACCEPTED. Extra Large, or dogs that require extra handling additional. No substitutions. **Short Flat Coated Dogs as defined by breed standard i.e. Pugs, Smooth Fox Terrier, Labs, Beagles, Chihauhau,Pitt Bulls(Socialized-Non-aggressive), Rottweiler(Non-Aggressive)
.**Drop,double or curly coated dogs(whether they have been shaved down or not) are not eligible for special.

SPECIAL ENDS: 9/29/2012

Call for an appt today: 1-888-648-7256 or book online

2013 Clean Paws Mobile Calenders

Posted on 23 July, 2012 at 18:32 Comments comments (18)
It's almost time for the 2013 Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Wall Calendars!  Selecting the  models for each month has turned out to be quite a challenge!  There are just so many adorable faces, and not enough months for each! 

We will be taking orders for the 2013 calendars no later than October 30, 2012.  Keep an eye out for the new "TEAM OH-R-U-CLN" tab for all the cool new items!!!

Giving Roses

Posted on 4 May, 2012 at 23:50 Comments comments (116)
I have heard it said over and over again...give the people that you love their roses while they are here, because they can't appreciate them when they are gone.  I can only hope that I have given my friend, my mentor and the person that if I could have had a say in it would have been my father enough of them while he was here.

When I first met Dennis Bilal Williams, he and his partner Gus were the owners of a foreign auto repair shop.  Little did I know that when I walked through the doors the two of them would impact my life so deeply.  Bilal, a master mechanic and musician was a gentle giant with a loving family.  He was a "tinker-er" when other mechanics were stumped by a problem with car before sending it to the dealer, they would send it him.  Sure enough he would find and fix the problem, and would happily pound out a beat on counter.  I get tickled even now seeing the that big Chester Cheese Cat grin on his face, as he chuckled in satisfaction.   

Volvo's were his vehicle of choice.  I learned more about that particular car because of him.  He taught about me the simplicity and safety of vehicle, and I quickly picked up the tale-tale cues of service problems.  I would consult with him often when a customer called about a problem that they were having.  When I first started working there I had a Chevy Nova that I use to have to start with starter fluid.  I remember Gus and Bilal laughing and shaking their heads as I praddled along in my little hoopty parked neatly amongest the BMW's, Jaguars, and of course Volvo's.    When my hoopty finally took her last road trip, they sold me a car.....a Volvo of course.  It was a 1983 Volvo 240DL.  I called her Big Shirley!  I was in love after the first five miles.  Big Shirley was a tank!  She was 15 years old when I got her, with the exception of a little rust here and there she was in excellent condition.  Bilal assured me that I would never want to drive any other car after that, and he was right!  He turned me into a Volvo girl, and when they run that commercial, Volvo for  LIFE.  I am a believer! 

In the 14 years that I have known Bilal, I have only seen him really angry once. It was a sight that I would never forget, and I would never want to see again!   He was usually the calmer of the two heads, the ying to Gus' yang.  He had a true heart of gold, if someone was broke down on the side of the road, Bilal would stop to help them get started again.  He was the person that if someone had a car problem, and he swore he would never work on their car again when they came back to him he would never say no.  I was the only female working at the shop and neither Gus or Bilal were ever condescending to me, as a  matter of fact none of the guys were.  I learned every  aspect of the business from the running the office to writing service, and body shop repair orders. I truly believe, had we been at the shop long enough, Bilal would have had me turning a wrench on a car sooner or later.   He was a great teacher, and like many great teachers he could explain and demonstrate at the with the greatest of ease.    After the shop fire, our family drifted in separate directions.  I answered the call of the wild and went into the direction of grooming, and Bilal was still the Master Tinker-er.   Before I finally found my true path in life, it was the crumbs of knowledge that I picked up from him about my now favorite car that helped start an online parts business.  A business that sustained me until the flame of grooming was ignited.    We kept in touch here and there, and each time I talked to him I would always ask him about his health.  Bilal had  heart problems, and he was determined to treat it naturally.   That was another pearl that he dropped in my basket.  Researching information about the organic wellness released the inner hippie in me.  It has become a strong strand of fabric in my life, to look for a healthy natural cure to things.  It works just as well for animals as it does for people.   When we were at the shop, I would make sure that he ate right.  Although he was a vegetarian, chips were his downfall.  It was not uncommon to see him strolling through the shop grinning with his hand stuffed in a bag of chips.

I remember talking with him at great length about a year or so before I went mobile about him eating right.  I would always send him a card  on Father's Day on his birthday Dec. 7th.    As we talked Bilal shared with me that he had fallen off the wagon, and gained some weight.  This was a common struggle for him, he would yo-yo back and forth especially if something was bothering him.  Bilal was never one to just out and out complain, for him to vocalize something he had to have been on his mind for a while.  He told me about the last attempt to place balloons in his heart had failed yet again.  My concern has always been on an elevated alert about his health, but he had assured me that he had it under control.  He had managed well in all of this time, so I relaxed a bit.  I can only tell you that my last conversation with my friend, mentor and father-figure was a happy one.  I stopped by to show him and Delores "Proud Mary" the excitement on his face as he climbed in and out of truck was priceless.  He happily told me about all the people on the block that had dogs, and could use my service.  It made me feel good that he was proud of me, but the real credit belongs to both people that mentored my success.  Bilal taught me the value of loving what you do, and doing what you love.  His passion was his family, his bongos, and his incredible talent as a Master Mechanic. 

The moment between the last time I saw him laughing and smiling to the time I saw him before he made his transition seemed like just a few seconds, but it was just a little over a year..    I never got to say to the man with the heart of gold, that I love you, and I am so honored to have known you!  Every time I hear that song by Beyonce "Halo" it reminds me of you.  I will never forgot your smile, your hardy laughter that seemed to fill a room, and your happy bongo beats on whatever you can find when you have it all figured out.  I will pour a little oil out for you, until I see you again!  

I miss you so much!  I never thought I would ever have to say goodbye.

Gray Geese

Posted on 19 April, 2012 at 9:16 Comments comments (217)
You know, in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life we can miss some true gems under your noses.  I am so gulity of that infraction.  I am making a vow to make a slight change to brighten and lighten the day. 

While out on my appointments on a beautiful spring-like day, I decided to stop at the local McDonald's for lunch.  This is nothing new, but I usually maneuver Proud Mary through the drive-thru with the greatest of ease.  Today I decided to dine-in, and my encounter with the grey geese made it well worth my while.  If you have ever stopped into your local gas station that has an dining counter or in my case McDonald's they are can be easily found.  They are a group of retired gentlemen sipping coffee, discussing world news and talking about the days of old.  To me they are right out of an episode of the Cosby Show.  They are always friendly, quick witted, usually a notch above conversation level, and very comical! 

It doesn't matter if you are close by or sitting quietly across the room, you may find yourself included in their conversation by accident or by choice.  Either way, you will not be disappointed!  On this day I had a filet-o-fish, fries, and side splitting laughter!  It made a great day by the beach even better!  

To the Grey Geese of the world, I salute you!  Thank you the sunshine you bring to the day! <3

Have a great summer!

It's All in the Attitude

Posted on 16 April, 2012 at 14:08 Comments comments (14)
While out running some errands with a dear friend of mine we decided to stop for a bite to eat.  As I approached the counter the woman on the other side was hell bent into an argument with the staff.  It was so bad that she was totally ignoring customers coming in to place orders.  When she had finished her rant, she never looked up or made eye contact with the customers.  It just made me think that if you are that unhappy doing what you are doing why not do something else?  We have all run across those people that make it their life's mission to hurl verbal assaults on others, "because they are going to set them straight."  What it boils down to is misery....and misery loves company.  If someone is having a bad day, wouldn't be nice to ruin someone else's day with a bad attitude? 

When your moving with your schway...things just roll off like water on a duck's back.  The next time someone tries assault or insult your pleasant disposition, just give the a big smile and bid them a nice day.  You can choose to sink into their non-sense or your can rise above it, because when you walk away they are still stinking from their bad attitude.   I truly believe that happiness is an inside job, if you have to be a snapping turtle to everyone you meet, then it's time to make a change.  Life is too short to be unhappy or to live a life that is less than fulfilling.  It is so easy to lose sight of your dreams when the daily drudge of life is dumped upon you.  If you really want that thing that burns deep down in the bottom of you heart, it will come to you.  When it does, what will you do?  Will you cower back into the murky waters of uncertainty or will you embrace it? 

Your attitude towards change will determine what will happen next, because it means that you have to come out of your comfort zone.  In the comfort zone, there is death!  It will strangle the will and the life out of you, without you even realizing it.  If it is truly to be, your dream will find it's way back to you if you are not listening.  I know that is what happened with me.  When I left the corporate world I felt if the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders!  I ran towards my dream, and have not grown weary yet!  Everyday I rise, I thank God for another day and I embrace another day of grooming!  My attitude is sunny even in a rain storm because I am doing what I love to do.  What have you always wanted to do?  I encourage you to dig it out!  Sometimes making tons of money does not make you happy. When I see the joy on a pet parent's face when I bring them back in the house it makes it all worth it!  When you find that thing that does it for you, your outlook on life changes almost instantly.  It's like taking a breath of fresh air, and suddenly people's bad attitudes don't affect you like they use to. You are soaring to high to worry about it.  

I heard a saying once.... your altitude is determined by your attitude!  I encourage you to spread your wings and fly!  So much more is waiting on the other side of the status qou!

Be Careful What You Ask For......

Posted on 12 April, 2012 at 23:27 Comments comments (17)
My dearest friend and I have grumbled back and forth about the high price of food especially eggs and milk.  Her recent quest to acquire chickens for fresh eggs was side-tracked by a obscure city ordinance.  As support of my friend I would angrily joke about getting a goat so that I could get the milk and make feta cheese.  We have gone back and forth with this conversation several times, me being firm on acquiring a goat and her on her quest for chickens.  Sometimes when I say things aloud, I really don't put much emphasize behind it, most of the times it's just a passing thought. 

All I can say is, I am really Blessed to be in a position where I have control of my time.  Otherwise I would have missed a sure fired sign that someone is listening to my inner thoughts and dreams.  This past Wednesday was a light grooming day, so I decided to cut the grass.  Yard work though it may be physically strenuous, has always given me a sense of peace, and often times I find myself belting out a tune while I am at it.    As Ole Betty rumbled through the yard I heard an high pitched sound that caught me off guard.  It was one of those things where I thought I was imagining it, so I continued with my cat-r-walling while Ole Betty rumbled on.  Then it happened again...a high-pitched neigh...okay, this time I know I heard it for sure.  I shut Ole Betty down and walked to the front lawn, looked up and down the street,  there was nothing!  Then I heard it again more rapidly and louder.  Being an animal person, I did the most natural thing....I called to it, and out of the brush came a GOAT!!!!!  At first sight of her my jaw dropped!  I looked to my left and right....expecting to be on an episode of Punk'd, but there was nothing.  You can imagine stunned does not even come close to what I felt.  Then I thought maybe I was dreaming, sleepwalking or something to explained this!  Next I tried drinking a sports drink.....maybe my blood-sugar level had dropped out an I was hallucinating.....nope!  She still standing in the middle of the street looking at me!  

This is truly one of those things that could only happen to me!  I was so tickled about her that I could not hold my laughter in!   I am a City girl, so caring for a goat is totally out of expertise!  As a matter of fact.....I don't even listen to country music....well expect Reba McIntyre and a little Johnny Cash from the movie Walk The Line!  I needed some help, and fast!  I called an all animal expert for advice, and they were just as amazed as I was!  Between the laughter I was able to get the most valuable piece of information deal with my darling Madeline(her new name), which was "goats are just like dogs".   Now  I was in business!   Maddy was scared, and getting close to her was not an option, but I had to figure a way to wrangle her into safety because the street traffic was getting heavier as the evening appoached.  After probing a couple of neighbors it seemed that she had been hiding in the area for a couple of days which meant she was hungry and thirsty.  All of these things were a plus for me!  I grabbed a stainless steel bowl and a handful of the thing that most dogs love the most.....CAT FOOD!!!!

She stood in the brush at a distance watching my every move.  I placed the water down and walked away dropping small pebbles of cat food behind me.  Maddy was a smart cookie, she waited until I was far enough a way before she took a quick drink, but she was too nervous to put her head down to eat the cat food.  So I walked into my yard and called my dearest friend.....guess what is in front of my house?  A GOAT!!!!  She got a really good side splitting laugh at the whole thing, and then she moved into the co-pilot position, frantically typing into the computer how to care for a goat.  The words of my all animal expert was ringing in my ears" goats are just like dogs".  I strolled across the street opened my front gate and walked towards the back.  Before I knew it Maddy was on my heels!  I calmly walked to the side of the house and messed around with my plants pretty much ignoring her, but watching her out of the corner of my eye.  As she started to relax, I darted around the house and closed the gate.   Confining her to the yard began to heighten her anxiety, and she began looking for a way out.  Before I knew what happened she was standing on top of my car!  Yeah, Maddy.....that's not working for me honey!  She ran along the fence and found a small opening and wiggled out.    She was back on the street running down  in front of cars.  Finally, she went to the brush and laid down for a while.  No one was claiming Maddy, and to the best of my knowledge there was a person several blocks away that had horses and goats.  Maddy was not going to let me get close to her again, although she went back an nibble the cat food I had no way to keep her safe until the morning or find out where she should be.  All I could do was pray for her safety, because we had a freeze coming, and I had no idea if her coat could keep her warm through it. 

The thought of keeping her was exciting until I started going through all of the details of properly caring for her.  What type of shots do you get for a goat?  Can they be affected by fleas and ticks? What vet do you take a goat to have them spayed?  Where would I build a shelter for her? 

Then the groomer in me kicked in.....she looks like she needs a de-shedd treatment.  I wonder if styling gel would hold her mohawk up long enough for me to color it red?  Can you paint a goat's hoofs?  How funny would that be to have a blonde pitt bull, and a black goat with a red mohawk both sporting pink rhinestone sunglasses!   Can I style her in a standard poodle cut?  Now that would be a creative groom!!!!  Nonetheless, it was not to the morning Maddy was gone, and I am hoping that she found her way back to her original home safely, but the thought of having her was fun for the moment.  The whole ordeal just reinforced the careful what you ask for, you just may get it!  I keep asking for the winning jackpot in the lottery, so the getting goat was a good come up!  I am encouraged!!!