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Be Careful What You Ask For......

Posted on 12 April, 2012 at 23:27
My dearest friend and I have grumbled back and forth about the high price of food especially eggs and milk.  Her recent quest to acquire chickens for fresh eggs was side-tracked by a obscure city ordinance.  As support of my friend I would angrily joke about getting a goat so that I could get the milk and make feta cheese.  We have gone back and forth with this conversation several times, me being firm on acquiring a goat and her on her quest for chickens.  Sometimes when I say things aloud, I really don't put much emphasize behind it, most of the times it's just a passing thought. 

All I can say is, I am really Blessed to be in a position where I have control of my time.  Otherwise I would have missed a sure fired sign that someone is listening to my inner thoughts and dreams.  This past Wednesday was a light grooming day, so I decided to cut the grass.  Yard work though it may be physically strenuous, has always given me a sense of peace, and often times I find myself belting out a tune while I am at it.    As Ole Betty rumbled through the yard I heard an high pitched sound that caught me off guard.  It was one of those things where I thought I was imagining it, so I continued with my cat-r-walling while Ole Betty rumbled on.  Then it happened again...a high-pitched neigh...okay, this time I know I heard it for sure.  I shut Ole Betty down and walked to the front lawn, looked up and down the street,  there was nothing!  Then I heard it again more rapidly and louder.  Being an animal person, I did the most natural thing....I called to it, and out of the brush came a GOAT!!!!!  At first sight of her my jaw dropped!  I looked to my left and right....expecting to be on an episode of Punk'd, but there was nothing.  You can imagine stunned does not even come close to what I felt.  Then I thought maybe I was dreaming, sleepwalking or something to explained this!  Next I tried drinking a sports drink.....maybe my blood-sugar level had dropped out an I was hallucinating.....nope!  She still standing in the middle of the street looking at me!  

This is truly one of those things that could only happen to me!  I was so tickled about her that I could not hold my laughter in!   I am a City girl, so caring for a goat is totally out of expertise!  As a matter of fact.....I don't even listen to country music....well expect Reba McIntyre and a little Johnny Cash from the movie Walk The Line!  I needed some help, and fast!  I called an all animal expert for advice, and they were just as amazed as I was!  Between the laughter I was able to get the most valuable piece of information deal with my darling Madeline(her new name), which was "goats are just like dogs".   Now  I was in business!   Maddy was scared, and getting close to her was not an option, but I had to figure a way to wrangle her into safety because the street traffic was getting heavier as the evening appoached.  After probing a couple of neighbors it seemed that she had been hiding in the area for a couple of days which meant she was hungry and thirsty.  All of these things were a plus for me!  I grabbed a stainless steel bowl and a handful of the thing that most dogs love the most.....CAT FOOD!!!!

She stood in the brush at a distance watching my every move.  I placed the water down and walked away dropping small pebbles of cat food behind me.  Maddy was a smart cookie, she waited until I was far enough a way before she took a quick drink, but she was too nervous to put her head down to eat the cat food.  So I walked into my yard and called my dearest friend.....guess what is in front of my house?  A GOAT!!!!  She got a really good side splitting laugh at the whole thing, and then she moved into the co-pilot position, frantically typing into the computer how to care for a goat.  The words of my all animal expert was ringing in my ears" goats are just like dogs".  I strolled across the street opened my front gate and walked towards the back.  Before I knew it Maddy was on my heels!  I calmly walked to the side of the house and messed around with my plants pretty much ignoring her, but watching her out of the corner of my eye.  As she started to relax, I darted around the house and closed the gate.   Confining her to the yard began to heighten her anxiety, and she began looking for a way out.  Before I knew what happened she was standing on top of my car!  Yeah, Maddy.....that's not working for me honey!  She ran along the fence and found a small opening and wiggled out.    She was back on the street running down  in front of cars.  Finally, she went to the brush and laid down for a while.  No one was claiming Maddy, and to the best of my knowledge there was a person several blocks away that had horses and goats.  Maddy was not going to let me get close to her again, although she went back an nibble the cat food I had no way to keep her safe until the morning or find out where she should be.  All I could do was pray for her safety, because we had a freeze coming, and I had no idea if her coat could keep her warm through it. 

The thought of keeping her was exciting until I started going through all of the details of properly caring for her.  What type of shots do you get for a goat?  Can they be affected by fleas and ticks? What vet do you take a goat to have them spayed?  Where would I build a shelter for her? 

Then the groomer in me kicked in.....she looks like she needs a de-shedd treatment.  I wonder if styling gel would hold her mohawk up long enough for me to color it red?  Can you paint a goat's hoofs?  How funny would that be to have a blonde pitt bull, and a black goat with a red mohawk both sporting pink rhinestone sunglasses!   Can I style her in a standard poodle cut?  Now that would be a creative groom!!!!  Nonetheless, it was not to the morning Maddy was gone, and I am hoping that she found her way back to her original home safely, but the thought of having her was fun for the moment.  The whole ordeal just reinforced the careful what you ask for, you just may get it!  I keep asking for the winning jackpot in the lottery, so the getting goat was a good come up!  I am encouraged!!!

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