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Ticked Off

Posted on 16 March, 2014 at 11:53
Finally!  Spring is making a slow, but long awaited comeback!  As spring approaches it wakes up sleeping flowers and insects.  Ticks are the first line of the more unpleasant arrivals of spring.  It is time to prepare for these aggressive little relatives of the spider. If you suffer from arachnophobia ticks are not a welcomed friend to you or your pet!  

Having your dog or cats treated now will give you a jump on tick season before they can get a lock on to your pet.  A good quality topical treatment will kill eggs and larvae up to 4-5 weeks, however, they will not stop them from attaching themselves to you or your pet.  You may decide to add a non pesticide spray on solution for that one two punch! Treating your own yard with a lawn insect killer is helpful too!  In you are having it done by a professional lawn care service they will know when to apply the treatment.  If you are doing it yourself,be careful to read and follow the instructions for application, otherwise you can kill beneficial insects like bees as well! While some plan of attack, topicals, collars,powders, or sprays are better than none, using them all at once can make your pet very sick.  Work with your groomer or vet if you pet has had problems with certain products and choose the best option for you baby!

Remember to check pet and yourself when coming indoors for ticks.  At this time of the season they will be as big as a watermelon seed....that crawls!  If it has attached itself DO NOT use matches,motor oil, or more pesticide laced products to remove it, as that can be dangerous to the health of your pet!   Get a zip lock sandwich bag, a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol, and a pair of tweezers.  Get the tweezers as close to the skin where it is attached.  Use a rocking motion while grasping it to remove the head of the tick from the skin.  Most times it will come out with some skin attached.  That is okay!  Place the tick in the sandwich bag with cotton ball and seal it tight.  The alcohol will kill it, and you can take to the vet to be tested for lyme disease.  Do not squeeze or "pop" the tick, especially if it is blood engorged, you can contract lyme disease(if infected) by coming in contact with the fluid.  If that happens clean it up immediately with rubbing alcohol and wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap.


Tick Spray

20 drops of Lemongrass oil
20 drops of Eucalyptus oil
16 oz of water in a spray bottle
Shake before using
Apply liberally on yourself from your thighs down to your feet
Spray all over your dog, especially the legs and tummy
Although Eucalyptus has great soothing properties for the skin, the spray do not last long, you may have to re-apply a few times on your walk or outing
Essential oils can be fatal to cats as their liver can not break down the enzymes.

Flea & Mosquito Spray

8 drops of Lavender oil
8 drops of tea tree oil
8 oz of water in a spray bottle
Apply liberally all over yourself and your dog.
Smells great!  
Lavender is calming on both dogs and people!  It is also great for soothing minor skin irritations like Eucalyptus oil.


*Both sprays can be used on color safe fabric, including bedding and furniture. Test a small area first before applying.

Spring is out there, and the ticks are waiting!

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