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Posted on 13 January, 2015 at 8:25
Welcome to the Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salon Paw Talk Blog!  The goal is to give you some natural helpful hints to some common pet problems.  Like people, every pet's immune/digestive system is different.  You  always want to have a good relationship with your pet's veterinarian before added or deleting something from you pet's diet.  

Does your dog eat his stool?

To us, it is disgusting!  Have you ever noticed that after they do it, they want to give you a big kiss?  EEEE-YYUUUKKKKK!!!   They don't smell waste, what they smell is food. If he is eating cat nuggets, all I can tell you is....HIDE THE CATBOX!!!  Here is a healthy and inexpensive tip to help solve that problem!  Pineapple!  That's right pineapple!    A healthy snack that will give you piles of benefits in the end:

1/4 cup Pinepple - Fresh is better, but canned will do!
1 cup of plain yogurt
blend until smooth.  
mix a tablespoon in your dog's dry food daily

Avoid using pineapple flavored yogurts, they usually have a lot of sugars in them that can upset the tummy.  If your dog has an allergy to diary products, try purchasing some organic pineapple tea.  Add  some tea(unsweetened), just enough to make a little gravy, but not drown the kibble.  You can enjoy the rest!

Pineapple has bromine, which is a natural pain reliever!

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