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Pee-U! Skunk Season!

Posted on 24 October, 2014 at 12:12
We are at that time of the year again!  Fall brings the beautiful colors and skunks!  We get more calls in the early spring and fall for dogs that have been sprayed by these cute but stinky little creatures.  It is usually a good idea to keep your dog on a lead when you are letting them out.  A frisky dog bounding after a skunk has no idea what they are in for!  The initial chase trips the predator prey instinct until the predator comes running back to your door with an odor that they can not run from!

If your curious canine should meet the pretty black and white kitty on purpose or by accident.  You have 48 hours to get the oils out of their coat before it seeps in!  Most often the spray is a direct hit to the face!  Here are a  couple of things to keep on hand during the fall and early spring to help eliminate the odor until you can get an appointment with the groomer.  

A bottle of gentle/sensitive skin disposable douche.  The proper mixture of vinegar and baking soda with help to absorb the oils and neutralize it..  Use a paper towel and gently wipe around the face paying close attention to the muzzle,stop, top of the head and ears.  Avoid getting the product in the dogs eyes.  

Artificial Tears You will want to flush the skunk oil out of the eyes and tear ducts as soon as possible.  The dog maybe a little resistant as he or she has just experienced a very unpleasant encounter.  If so, simple wet a paper towel with the artificial tears and gently wipe their eyes.  

Baking Soda.  Sprinkle a healthy mixture of baking soda in the coat around the neck, shoulders and sides.  Let it sit for about 10 minutes.  The longer it sits the better.  

De-Greasing Shampoo or soap. Get the dog in the bath as soon as possible.  A de-greasing shampoo or soap is your best defense to break down the oils from the skunk spray.  Wash 2-3 times thoroughly and rinse completely.

Distilled Vinegar Spray.  In a spray bottle mix approximately 40% vinegar 60% water. Spray the coat generously.  Towel dry the dog.  If you have a forced air dryer, dry the coat completely to avoid.  You want to avoid the dog getting a chill.

That should hold you until you can get to the groomer to get a thorough bath for the dog. The smell of skunk perfume will stay in your nose for a couple of days.  Even after a professional grooming you make still have an occasional stink spot that may pop up in the face, The face especially around the eyes is the most difficult place to get the smell out.  Just be cautious and make some noise prior to letting your pet out to avoid a confrontation with the pretty black and white kitty!

Enjoy the Fall!

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