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Caution! Coyote Crossing

Posted on 2 November, 2014 at 11:18

November is great month!  It is the kick off of the holiday season, as well as deer and coyote season. Coyotes are usually timid,noturnal and generally tend to shy away from people. However, they become more aggressive during the "heat or rutting" season.  Humans have invaded many natural habitats for wildlife, pushing them in our neighborhoods and backyards.  Coyotes natural diet ranges from small rodents, rabbits and deer. They have no problem making a meal out of a small dog, cat or toddler if they can get to them. If hunger pushes them far enough they will attack an adult.  

Please exercise caution when walking with your pet, or allowing them to run in their back yard particularly in the month of November thru early December.   Their main intent is food for survival.  Unaltered male dogs both large and small, are at risk during this time of year.  They hunt in packs.You may only see one, but rest assured that their are more waiting for the bait to be drawn in. Most times, a female that is in season to lure the male into the frenzy of a hungry pack, he is killed and eaten.  It is a harsh reality of the circle of life. If you walk your dog, try to do so before it gets dark.  They are more active at night and the twilight hours before sunrise  .It is not uncommon to see them with a fresh kill during the day.  .  Keep your pet on a  non-retractable leash at all times.  Too often dogs see something that we are not paying attention to, and the chase will begin. It is the natural predator/prey instinct that we take for granted that gets our canine companion in serious trouble!  In the face of a coyote, a cat's nine lives bank account is emptied immediately!  Be safe and bring your indoor/outdoor cats in at night to avoid an encounter. 

Remember, wild animals are just that!  They rely of their wits and instinct to survive.  A domestic pet does not have a chance, even the strongest of dogs is no match for a pack of hunger jaws!

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