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Clean Paws Mobile Pet Services

We Bring the Salon to YOU!

Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Pricing

Thank you for stopping by!

If you have never tried a mobile grooming service before, we would like you to enjoy your first experience with us! You and your pet will be delighted with the clean, convenient personal one on one service that Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salon provides. Once you start your mobile experience it is important to keep your pet in a trim that is easy to maintain for your busy lifestyle. Because we come to you, Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salon can provide high quality, consistent pet grooming services that you and your pet can look forward to!

Every pet has different needs, therefore, prices may vary according to health, skin, and/or behavior needs at the time of service. When we arrive for your initial service, we work out a comprehensive and/or corrective plan for your pet's needs. Many of our clients have busy schedules, seniors, or home-bound, and they understand that mobile grooming is an elite service. Our prices will be higher than the prices found at your local vet office or salon, but our satisfied customers know...IT'S WORTH IT!

Every service with Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salon is done by hand. Brushing, combing, fluff drying, hand scissoring, and styling. Your pet is NEVER placed in a cage, Never exposed to any other animals, NEVER sedated, and completed from beginning to end without interruption! We also give your pet a few moments outside (dogs only) to relieve themselves before coming back inside!

Our Base Spa Service for dogs include:

Tear less bath, Fresh Fruit Facial Scrub, Hydromassage, Emu-Oil Protein Leave-In Conditioner (dogs only), Nails Trimmed, Ears Cleaned, Anal Glands Checked, Fluff-dry, 15-minute brush Out or Haircut / Tidy-up.

Bubble Doggy Spa

Tearless Bath, Fresh Fruit Facial Scrub, Hydromassage, Emu-oil-Protein Leave-in Conditioner(dogs only) Nails trimmed, ears cleaned, Anal glands checked, fluffy dry, protein polishing oil, 15-minute brush.

Additional Spa Services are available upon request, however, each service is additional

Base Kitty Spa service includes:

Tearless Bath, Fresh Fruit Facial Scrub, Gentle Deep Cleansing De-greaser, Hydro-massage, DeShedd Treatment, Nails Trimmed, Ears Cleaned, Fluff Dry, Comb Out.

Skinny Dip (Cats Only)

Shave down only, No BATH, Nails Trimmed, Ears Cleaned, Head, Boots, and Tail Styled. Matting, Flea Treatment, Behavior Handling are available at an additional cost.

Kitty Bubble-Less Bath(Cats Only)

A non-intrusive rinse-less bath designed for cats that have never been groomed. Includes: Fruit Fresh Facial Scrub, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, Comb out and polishing spray and brush out.  

Additional Spa Services are available upon request, however, each service is additional

Please note:

We can only give you a "rough estimate" without seeing and/or physically examining your pet. If you would like to email or text a picture of your pet please complete the Contact Us form. All base spa service packages are listed for pets that are groomed on a 2 to 6-week regular grooming schedule. Pets that have not been groomed for extended periods of time(8 weeks or more), and are experiencing, matting, heavy shedding, skin issues, and/or behavior problems take more time and are charged accordingly. Our focus is quality, not quantity! We want to give your pet a safe, convenient, spa service each and every time!

**** Pet Shuttle and Dog Walking pricing, please call us @ 888-647-8256

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Sorry, we don't offer comparison pricing or discounts for multiple pet households.